Caveman Voicebox Release New EP – No Template


Following on from their previous two EP’s “Strippers, Mullets & Beer” and “Facial Hair & Harmonies”, my brothers from LA have done it again with their brand new two track EP “No Template” and they are letting you name your price when purchasing it.

The first thing to know about Caveman Voicebox is that these guys are a whole lot of fun and they sound absolutely great. Formed in 2011, in the Long Beach area of L.A, they came up with their name whilst watching a documentary about Cavemen, after eating a whole bunch of wholesome home-made brownies. The energy of these guys is fuelled by… well… strippers, mullets and beer with hot rods, loud guitars and blue collar fury thrown in for that extra bit of punch. Their musical influences include a whole lot of Motorhead, ZZ Top and Stoner Rock which melded together, provides the “soundtrack for every Gear Head, Pole Dance and Biker west of the Rockie Mountains”, according to their Facebook bio.

On the Verge of Living, the lead track on “No Template” carry’s on exactly where the previous two EP’s left off. It opens with a great catchy riff and is so full of hooks that it wouldn’t feel out of place on a Japanese Whaling boat. Reidel Panic, the second and closing track on the EP, slows things down a little bit but the way it builds and keeps grooving and rumbling along like a thunder storm is fantastic. Rather than fill you with lots of bullshit words about what this EP sounds like, I am just going to let the music do the talking. You can check out On the Verge of Living here and follow the links to download and share the new EP. I recommend you do all three!

CMVB singer Graham Wilson had the following to say when I asked him about the EP.

This EP was the experience of one day of recording and one day of mixing and mastering. We’re sticking to our roots of rock with little drama and maximum performance. No Template came about from our perception of the music industry right now. Our template is performance, socialize with the community mixed with a beat to dance to. We hope you love it as much as Karl, Sofi and myself do. Three-piece rock n’ roll. 

If this is your first introduction to Caveman Voicebox, make sure you head over to their Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Facebook pages immediately or discover them the way I did by watching this video for their “Stoner rock ZZ Top” sounding track ’72 Nova.

Make sure you go and check them out right away then share the love with all your friends.

Turn on, Tune in, Rock out!


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