The Rock into the Weekend “Rock Off” on HCR104fm


So last night Ross Kitson and I hosted the latest “Rock Off” on our show “Rock into the Weekend” on HCR104fm. Our guests last night were Gaz Jones currently of local band She’s Dead Now and formerly of Horn Dog, General Lee and various other local bands throughout the years and Ash Crowson, Barfly, Beer and Whiskey connoisseur, metaller and general righteous dude.

The idea of the Rock Off is that we get two listeners onto the show to go head to head picking their favourite songs from 6 categories while all the other listeners vote for who has picked the best tracks. The loser then has to face the forfeit of wearing this lovely t-shirt to their next gig or event.


As you can see the stakes are high so the tension is always up there and the banter as sharp as a Sunday League dressing room at half time. It really is the highlight of the month for Rock into Weekend. The categories the guests get to choose from are:

The harder they come: A perfect example of balls out heavy rock.
Easy like a Sunday morning: Slowing the pace down a little and showing their softer side.
Musical wizardry: A song that showcases the exceptional talent of the technical elite.
Hidden gem: A song or band that often gets over looked but deserves much more attention.
Guilty please: Self explanatory really!
Hit the Lights: The live track.

So what did Gaz and Ash pick well here they are:

The Harder they Come:

Gaz – Bruane Bren – Kvelertak

Ash – Killed by Death – Motorhead

Easy like a Sunday Morning:

Gaz – The Wind Cries Mary – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Ash – Blessed Hellride – Black Label Society

Technical Wizardry:

Gaz – Spirit of Radio – Rush

Ash – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Hidden Gem:

Gaz – Wreckage – Entombed

Ash – Walking Away – Godsized

Guilty Pleasure:

Gaz – The Touch – Stan Bush (not really a guilty pleasure in my book. How can the song from the Transformers Movie, original cartoon version, ever be a Guilty Pleasure?)

Ash – Steal Your Fire – Lauren Harris

Hit the Lights:

Gaz – Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

Ash – Native Blood – Testament


Other tracks played on the night were:

Fight Song – Marilyn Manson

Expand Your Mind – The Vintage Caravan

72′ Nova – Caveman Voicebox

Black Saucers – Lonely the Brave

My Love Wont Let You Down – Curran

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

At the Oche – Baby Godzilla

Full Circle – Obey the Brave

I won’t tell you who won the Rock Off at this point as I am interested to see who would have got your votes so please let me know in the comments section who you would have voted for in each round and in a couple of days, I will reveal who the winner was on the night and who will be took home the dreaded One Direction T-shirt that previous loser, Danny Ackerley is modelling here.




Tune in to Rock into the Weekend every Friday night from 10pm on HCR104fm by turning the dial to 104fm or listening online at or via TuneIn on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are in the Peterborough – Huntingdon – Cambridge area and want to take part in the Rock Off just send your details to

Turn on, Tune in and Rock out!


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