Sound City, Cambridge


I’m off to Cambridge tonight to a new alternative club night that my mates Danny Ackerley, Gaz Jones and Neil Jones are launching called Sound City.

Knowing these guys there should be plenty of awesome music to be had. I am expecting plenty of Crue, Leppard, ‘Smith, AC/DC and plenty of heavier stuff as well.

Despite all this I am actually looking forward to this for another reason. Danny, one of my oldest mates, was one of the first contestants on the Rock into the Weekend Rock Off. This is a monthly feature we do on the show where two listeners come into the studio and battle it out song against song over six rounds picked by us. The only incentive to win besides pride is to avoid the forfeit of wearing this bad boy.


Which he will be wearing while djing tonight. I can’t wait to see him sporting the shirt of his idols (for a night at least). Gaz Jones, one of the other DJ’s is taking part in the Rock Off next week so he may find himself questioning his choices through fear of being the next proud owner of the One Direction t-shirt.

Tune in to next weeks Rock Off to see if pulls off a miraculous escape. Next Friday at 10pm 104fm or online at and if you are about in Cambridge tonight head down or Nusha on the leisure park for Sound City. A slice of the alternative in the middle of Cambridge.

Turn on, Tune in and Rock out!


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