WANT SOME HEAVY METAL?! Bloodstock 2014 adds more bands

BLOODSTOCK 2014 has announced the addition of four more awesome metal bands to the main stage bill.



Crowbar, Obituary, Children of Bodom and Evil Scarecrow have been announced as the latest additions to the Bloodstock line-up. They will join headliners Down, Emperor and Megadeth who top what is shaping up to be a killer line up. The other bands announced to date are Floatsam and Jetsam, Decapitated and the mighty Saxon.

Each year Bloodstock further cements its reputation as a fan favourite. In complete contrast to Download, it nails its colours to the mask and provides fans with a dedicated Metal festival. I went for the first time last year and after having down Download a number of times, Sonisphere and way back in the past Reading and Leeds festivals, I was immediately taken by how small the festival was in comparison but this completely worked in its favour. There were no long walks between my tent and the arena which meant I could easily pop back to the tent for some grub and alcoholic libations without risking missing any of the bands I wanted to see. The smaller size of the arena also made it some much easier (and therefore much more likely) to move around between stages to see what was going on and I found myself doing this quite a lot which meant I discovered a number of bands that I may not have done at a larger festival. Some unexpected highlights included: Lifer, Xii Boar, Wanderbuyst, Grifter and Diesel King.

The other benefit of the smaller size was also that this meant the Twat to decent person ratio was much smaller and made for a much more relaxed and enjoyable festival. Within two minutes of getting my tent set up, I had a cup of rum and some food shoved into my hand by a friendly neighbour – you can’t ask for much better than that. It was also incredibly well organised and more than deserves its nomination for Best Medium Sized Festival in the UK Festival Awards.

Bloodstock will be held at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 7th-10th August 2014.  Keep up to date with the very latest info on Bloodstock’s official sites at www.facebook.com/bloodstock and www.bloodstock.uk.com


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